#542 - tags sind die neuen stöckchen...?

ein tag (neudeutsch für stöckchen, nehme ich an), aufgesammelt beim san.
ihre fragen gefallen mir, also here goes:

Rule one: Always post the rules
Rule two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
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  1. Do you have plants in your home?
    lots. in my home and in the garden as well. and on the balcony of my (home) office. basically everywhere.
    during my studies, i took great pride in my „brown thumb“, meaning basically that i was no good at caring for plants. even two or three unlucky cacti died of thirst. (yes, that IS possible.)
    now, i not only own half a greenhouse (including 3 palms, one of 'em HUGE!, several citrus trees, a banana, a pepper vine, an eucalyptus, an elephant's toothbrush, passiflorae, pineapples, and a lot more), but some rather finicky plants are thriving as well. camellia sinensis. i'm impressed with myself, if i may say so.
    my garden has become a source of great pride, too. (see my "blüüüüüüüüüüüümschn!" posts during spring.) today, hubby spent the afternoon on the bike, and i spent it with my bottom towards the sky, hands in the earth. weeding and digging, uprooting 4 wheelbarrows of biomass. and yes, there's still plenty left :)
  2. Did you ever grow something edible yourself?
    i do, actually, right now. came with the whole „garden“ package, i guess.
    btw, right now, i am quite surprised: i planted some funny cucumbers called kiwano waaaay to late in their outdoor place. they didn't budge until late august. i saw some little flowers but didn't think that anything would come out of these. but ... even they have grown 3 fist-sized ... thingies with spikes (fruit? whatever.) tasting like, well, cucumber. lovely!
    other than those, in this year i had or still have:
    * strawberries
    * redcurrants
    * blueberries
    * tiny wild apples (they're edible, though!)
    * pumpkins (or squashes?)
    * tomatos. unfortunately, hubby brought me some plants from his mother, of a variety i wouldn't have bought. concequently, we ended up with lots of quite large but tasteless, fleshy tomatos. harzfeuer won't grow in my garden again! next year, there will be some old varieties again.
    * herbs (thym, rosemary, sage, wormwood, basil, origano, parsley, cilantro)
    * jerusalem artichokes
    next year, there might be even cherries.
  3. What’s your favourite food?
    a porterhouse steak, english-medium. or a flank steak. and pasta. and persian and indian and thai and greek cuisine. sushi. and lamb. and game. and cottage cheese. squash. grilled everything.
    and coffee. (counts as food 'cause during the week, it keeps me alive - and probably those around me as well ;) at least in the mornings.)
  4. Did you collect and press leaves as a kid?
    yes. rather inefficiently. i preferred to read the books i was supposed to press the plants/leaves in ...
  5. How did you like your first job?
    depends on when i am to start. jobs during school were ... umm ... well, okay-ish. i worked in a nursing home (not for those who like to sleep in or those with a weak stomach.), followed by some stints in gastronomy (not my cuppa, either), as a tour guide an a horse farm in brittany (great in and of itself, but with no future), and did some modelling.
    the first job after finishing my diploma was in a small translation agency, with very nice colleagues. i liked it so much i am working as a translator and terminologist again :D
  6. What toppings have to be on a pizza?
    depends on the mood and the hunger. something with meat. and/or cheese. and garlic. garlic is essential. 
  7. What’s a movie you love?
    nochnoi dozor
    kill bill (and many of tarantino's movies)
    the breakfast club
    dirty dancing (the original, mind you)
    bienvenue chez les ch'tis
    if i think some more, this list will be endless.
  8. Who was the last person to compliment you?
    my very beloved hubby.
  9. Are your hugging needs being adequately met at the moment?
    absolutely :D this makes me so very happy!
  10. Can you wake up on time without an alarm clock?
    not now. 
  11. Is there anything more adorable than kittens?
    moar kittenz!

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